Marine & Marine Cargo Services

Marine & Marine Cargo Services
Marine and transportation losses have an impact on all aspects of our lives with a growing global economy. The SLG can offer specialized services relating to this dynamic and technical market. Our Specialized Multilingual Marine and Inland Marine Shipping and Cargo Team of claims adjusters and surveyors provide seasoned expertise in the handling of all aspects of the marine and transportation fields in the Americas, and European markets. Our experts combine technical and legal knowledge to assist in all aspects of this market.

  • Complete or Partial Claim Management and Settlement Services
  • Hull and Machinery Damage Assessment and Technical Loss Handling
  • Powerplant Failure
  • Hull & Machinery Surveys
  • General Marine Liability Loss Handling
  • Financial Impact Loss Handling
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Salvage Services and General Assessment
  • Total and Large Loss Investigation and Claims Handling Services
  • Trip and Tow
  • Medium to Large Marine Craft Claims
  • Ports and Terminals Liability
  • General Protection and Indemnity Assessment
  • Underwater Structure Damage and Loss Handling
Marine Cargo Services
  • Cargo Damage Surveys
  • General Average Adjusting Services
  • Cargo Recovery Handling Services
  • Cargo Hold Condition Surveys
  • Cargo Pre-loading and Out-Turn Surveys
  • Cargo Securing Supervision
  • Cargo Contamination Surveys
  • Containerized and Refrigerated Cargo Loss Handling
  • Project, Heavy and Oversized Cargo Loss Handling
  • Marine Debt Collection Services
  • Container Inspection Services
  • Non-Delivery Short Shipped Cargo Assessment
Marine Cargo Recoveries & Subrogation
  • Cargo Loss Recovery Intermediation
  • Flexible, Scalable, and Cost Effective Recovery Services
  • Deductible Recoveries
  • Closed File Recovery Determination
  • Global Salvage Recovery Availability of Services
  • Marketing of Salvage
  • Assessment of All Major Transportation Contracts and International Conventions in Relation to Losses
  • Extensive Resource of Specialists Globally to Assist in Recoveries.
Inland Marine & General Cargo Related Services
Our Inland Marine and General Transportation Group also specializes in the following general cargo transportation segments with detailed services as detailed above.

  • Rail Cargo Services
  • Road Cargo Services
  • Air Cargo Services
  • Motor Cargo Liability
  • General Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Communication Infrastructure Losses
  • Environmental Loss assessment and Handling
  • Mining and Natural Resources Losses
Inland and Offshore Marine Warranty Surveys
Team One SLG can conduct Warranty Surveys as independent third party surveyors for review and approval of high value and or high-risk marine construction and transportation as listed below:

  • Power Generation
  • Gas and Oil Refineries
  • Mining Projects
  • Windmill Farms
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Civil and Commercial Projects
Team One Insurance Services is your resource for tough challenges or day to day claims support throughout the United States. Our entire team understands the importance of developing long-term partnerships with our clients. This principle has allowed our company to build a strong foundation within each and every client we serve.

Team One offers claims services to insurance carriers, self-insured's, brokers and governmental entities. Recognizing that every client is different, we operate by ongoing collaboration, regular course checks and consistent file reviews in order to meet the needs of our clients. Our objective is to become an extension of your staff, thus adopting your objectives as well.


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